After some experimenting with different shades, one seldom finds two contrasting colours that don’t complement each other. The magic of enabling people to feel completely at ease with colour comes from finding a combination of two or three colours that create in a person, a sense of effortless balance together. These colours will induce feelings within one’s mind, sensations that are positive and affirmative.


What about white!?

It’s easy to opt for white or neutrals; they’re a blank canvas and can give the illusion of a bigger, brighter space. However, the glaringly sterile Antique White is often too stark and cold especially when paired with bright lights. Any trickery one may think is created with this neutral background is probably having a greater negative effect by killing creativity, calmness, wellness, atmosphere and inspiration. Unless the white is intentional, for example by adding white to a palette, one can achieve a crisp balance and strong lines. Care must be taken though as shades of white are as plentiful and diverse as the colours of the rainbow. If one gets the wrong undertone, the colour palette pairing will be obviously negative in effect.


Colour trends for 2020.

If we reflect on designs over the past year, we can see a trend towards muted tones such as Pine Green. These shades of colour have the power to rejuvenate and can provide a sound base with which to play with different styles without over-committing to the one theme or aesthetic. According to Italian furniture designer, Pedrali, “[pastel or pastel tones] speak of a refreshed, vibrant and expressive soul… where [pastel palettes] are able to convey the desire for beauty and dream.” New Ideas 2020


How do I make it work?

For colour combinations to have real authority, integrating them throughout a space is the key to success. It is more than adding a few coloured cushions. Additionally, it is essential to remember the value of contrasting textures, timbers and lighting to add depth and harmony to a well-considered space. An example of combining colours as a defining feature, Kaza have handcrafted Precast Terrazzo (pictured) that uses contrasting colours with an organic natural look. The terrazzo contains recycled natural stones: marble, granite, basalt and limestone. The beautiful stone below is available from Academy Tiles & Surfaces.


Muted tones of pink and green are a common favourite. A special adjunct to this combination is the addition of gold or mustard tones, navy, red, light grey or charcoal or any other audacious or mellow combination one can imagine. By adding fabrics with lustre and weight, boldness and creativity is introduced to the palette. Moreover, consider all the beautiful natural and organic green tones one can introduce through indoor plants.



What about the rules?

Finally, I think now is a good time to mention that those age old sayings and ‘rules’ of colour are no longer applicable across the board. A common phrase used to be that “blue and green should not be seen unless there is something in between”. Sailor Blue and Mint Green are sensational together. Similarly for black and navy; it’s oh so chic!

In conclusion, don’t be afraid of colour. Mixing colours does take confidence and an arrogance to get right. However, your personal choice in the use of colour combinations is all that matters. Colours are powerful for the mind; they evoke moods, feelings and energy. Thus, if you want to be creative, play with colour!


Terrazzo Flat by Vymir Design Studio

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