Companies pour thousands of dollars into each square metre of office space; hiring designers, architects, project managers and builders to piece together the perfect space for their brand and their people. But as we’re seeing changes to the way we work, is investing in your office space really worth the spend?

We think it is and here is why:

  1. Your employees will feel valued and appreciated

When you provide a beautiful and energising space for your employees to work each day, they will feel as though the company they are working for values them. The return on investment is measurable in higher levels of staff retention / a reduction in staff turnover, employee happiness, mental wellbeing and a good office culture. For more inspiration on the impact of employee wellbeing, read our article on how to adapt your space here.

  1. Aesthetics = Productivity

Research has revealed that the aesthetics of a workplace have a positive correlation to productivity. Creative styling can provide immense benefits to your employees’ output. From artwork to natural light, employee efficiency and productivity is directly impacted by the subtleties of light and colour. Additionally, by incorporating biophilic principals into a space you will increase connectivity to the natural environment to foster higher levels of wellbeing. Nature and plants in the office generate positive cognitive responses and lower stress hormones, which is just another reason to put a little bit more thought into your office design.

  1. The space reflects the business

Is your website professionally designed to give the user an engaging user experience? Have you hired a team of young, innovative workers who are bursting with entrepreneurial ideas? Similarly, the space in which you work should reflect the type of business you are. Thus, if you want to encourage innovation, you should represent innovation as a business. Furthermore, an office is more than a workshop; it is a place to host clients and guests and a huge reflection of your brand and what you stand for. Workplaces and our expectations of our workplaces have changed due the dramatic shift in how we work in 2020. Striking a balance between home and work will become ever more prevalent. The office space will not die, we need that connection with colleagues to build meaningful relationships and spark inspiration; we will just be more flexible. Thus, it is import to create a workspace that allows for this. We will seldom come to the office to just sit at a desk and never talk to our colleagues. The office will be a collaboration hub.

  1. Designing for sustainability

Improving your office design can make a huge positive impact on your business long-term. Using long lasting business materials, making sustainable decisions in lighting and fixtures, and designing for minimal waste are all short-term costs that will have long lasting benefits for both your business and your team. For more, read our article on substitute products that allow our designers to be creative with sustainable solutions.

When it comes to designing your office, it can be difficult to know where to draw the line between cost and design, but we do know investing in your office space really is worth the spend. At InOne Projects, we endeavour to bring you the best cost-effective solution for your space while incorporating elements of design that are sure to have these benefits. Whether it’s a little extra effort to install a green wall or ensuring you use the space effectively to harness natural light, our design and construction team have the knowledge and experience to achieve the office you need. If you’re looking at planning for your next project, get in touch with us.



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