Over the past 20 years the world has seen the fastest acceleration and advancement in technology and manufacturing in history. One only has to think about smart phones and the real possibility of driverless cars. Similarly, in design and construction, we’re seeing progress in products, like Laminex finishes. These finishes realistically mimic natural products, are functional, solve a broader range of problems and are focused on triple bottom line sustainability. Thus, our designers are afforded a broader spectrum of choices that mean creativity is not sacrificed for quality, cost or the environment.

Realistic Finishes:

While a brief and budget go hand in hand, creativity should not be limited or restricted based on constraints around the budget. A well formulated brief will capture functionality and purpose, while understanding the purpose for which the space is to be used and by whom. From this starting point and keeping an objective mind, substituting some elements will allow one to achieve an individual overall look, feel and functionality within the allocated budget. While it is recommend that there should be no compromise on quality, there are a number of ways designers can pass on savings to clients while maintaining quality and creativity.

Products such as Laminex’s textured metallic, stone or woodgrain finishes are so realistic they could easily pass as the real thing by the untrained eye. Inspired by the beauty of the natural environment, these finishes are durable alternatives that allow endless combinations of Laminex finishes and colours that will make a design space unique. The benefits of Laminex laminates are long lasting, especially in “hard-wearing areas such as commercial fit-outs that require constant cleaning or endure high levels of water splashing.” Laminex believe the imitations are “practical and beautiful solutions”, and one tends to agree.

Products that Solve Problems:

Over the past decade, more and more high-tech products have come onto market as they are the result of ongoing developments to solve problems that go far beyond the designer and end user. Specifically, Laminex has a range of products designed to incorporate several performance characteristics – durability, clean-ability / ease of maintenance, stain and UV resistance. These features tend to outperform their natural counterparts in hard-wearing areas, thus making them an obvious and sustainable choice.

A Sustainable Focus:

More than ever before, society is concerned about issues of, for example; where our food and products come from, how they are produced, their recyclable potential, the supply chain, the manufacturing processes and workers’ rights. We are also more concerned about having products that are made locally; supporting the local economy and communities as well as the environmental benefits that come with that, such as the reduced transport requirements.

Many companies are becoming more proactive and are leading change within their industries, and while there is still a long way to go, many are making progress and beginning to reach the early targets that have been set.

In Construction:

In construction, the procurement process is complex with multiple stakeholders at every stage, thus, when a product comes to market that pays respect to the environment and reduces a carbon footprint, it’s difficult to ignore it. Laminex Laminates are proudly manufactured in Australia and through innovation and a strong belief in Australian Made products, the Laminex business continues to invest in new technology to produce locally made products. While hardwood floors and Carrara Marble are beautiful products that look fantastic, they are a limited natural resource and are not necessary or appropriate for use in hard-wearing commercial spaces. This is where Laminex has created products that look like the real item, are hard wearing and don’t cost the earth (pun intended). Laminate products allow us to make more sustainably responsible decisions for our clients, balancing social and economic needs with the needs of the planet.

While the impact of this may be small, it’s a start and steps in the right direction for a more sustainably conscious industry and world. Every point in the design process has the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the whole process.

Why Laminex Finishes:

InOne chooses to use Laminex as a preferred supplier due to their environmental commitments and dedication to design. Using Laminex finishes allows our designers endless opportunities to push creative boundaries for our clients while being cost conscious.



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