Your lease has drawn to an end, your business has grown, your functions have changed or your approach to design is fundamentally different to what it once was. Whatever the reason behind it, finding the right office space for not only yourself but for your team, can be immensely daunting, especially when you’re feeling the pressure to make the right decision. Luckily, the inOne team have drawn up a quick checklist of all the things we feel matter most to our clients when choosing their new space. If you’ve considered all or most of these, you can be pretty sure your organisation will be happy in whichever space you end up choosing.

  1. Location

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Proximity to public transport is almost always a necessary feature of selecting an office space, especially if employees have enjoyed this proximity in their current office. Similarly, moving too far away from your current office space could result be detrimental to your current staff or reduce the number of staff interested in working for your business. Location also relates to convenience in the sense that busier business areas allow staff to get to the bank, swing past the chemist and engage in other life admin without encroaching on productive work time.

  1. Fittings and infrastructure

Considering which fittings are already in place is important: are they of an acceptable quality/standard? What will you need to add? How long will it take and how costly will it be? Is the space easy to build on and easily accessible? When a new fit out can be upwards of $1000 per square metre, it is important to consider all of these questions before engaging designers and contractors to start work.

  1. Lighting

Does the space have natural light? This one is a big factor for both the physical and the mental wellbeing of your team: natural light boosts vitamin D absorption, helping to prevent various types of cancers, improving sleep patterns and mood and lowering the risks to vision associated with computer-based work.

  1. Spatial needs & layout

The amount of space you need per employee depends on your business and how it works: do you need private offices? Will desk arrangements be flexible or assigned? What are your needs in regards to collaborative/meeting spaces, as well as quiet areas? All of these questions factor into working out your spatial needs and office layout.

  1. Budget

Of course, this one is on every business decision maker’s mind, but think beyond just the lease and consider your fit-out expenses, the cost of getting the new office connected and other expenses such as those associated with relocation.

  1. The future of your business
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If your business is growing or developing, you need to be proactive about the length of your lease. How long will you need this space for? Could your needs change very quickly? What are your business goals and how does the space you are choosing work with them?

  1. Parking

Do you need parking for senior members of your team? Will you have clients visit the office often? Aside from onsite parking, consider nearby parking for clients or visitors, or even for your cleaners to access your property easily.

Whatever your reasons, finding a new office space and beginning the fitout process is a serious matter, and one you want to take care to get right. The inOne Projects team can help you with every step of the process, so get in touch and streamline your move.



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