Today, interior office design is all about bringing the outside in and working with nature to create light filled, calming spaces. Workplaces are no longer aiming to look like the traditional office space, as moss walls and earthy tones become a central feature of designs for 2019.

The inOne design team are currently in the process of designing spaces for various projects, and here are the trends they can’t live without at the moment…

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design refers to using space in an innovative way, harnessing the affinity we have to our natural environments and bringing it into the settings in which we live, work and learn. Biophilic design allows your staff to unconsciously reconnect with the outside world, and specifically focuses on using these elements to improve productivity, health and happiness within the workplace.

Unique Patterns

Unique geometric patterns and artworks are becoming increasingly popular in interior design, adding eye-catching, contemporary flair. A pattern with a modern edge can transform a room, creating instant visual interest and drawing on classic design trends from the 70s. Trends are cyclical, after all, and this current one is a little twist on some of our favourite patterns from a few decades ago…

The Branded Workplace

Your brand is not only for your clients or customers…why not use your brand to create a sense of community amongst your team? More often, companies are branding their workplaces to give employees a sense of pride in the work they do each day. Branding your workplace can be as big as a feature wall with brand-related artwork or as small as colour-coordinated filing cabinets; at the end of the day, the trend towards the branded workplace is about creating synergy between your company and your environment.

“Resimercial” Design

Working late? Stuck doing a little overtime? Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if your office felt more like home, which is why so many workplaces are aiming for spaces which have been crafted with residential design in mind.  A comfy couch, a breakout space and a well-equipped kitchen are all residential elements brought into commercial spaces in order to create the feeling of home. After all, we spend 40+ hours a week in our office – why not get a little comfy?

InOne Projects are an all-in-one, planning, design and construction company for all of your commercial and residential interior needs. Send us an enquiry if you’d like to find out more about bringing some of these design elements into your workplace.




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