It’s 2018 and the workforce is more flexible, tech savvy, environmentally conscious and social than ever. This has fostered a complete revamp in the design of traditional office environments. Companies have to create smart spaces that are adaptable and forward thinking.

Offices with great interior designs see huge growth in productivity, longevity and loyalty. Often trends disappear as quickly as they pop up. But, this year, we suspect they’re all here to stay. Discover how technology, biophilic design, homey environments and unconventional spaces will transform businesses in 2018.

Technological Transformations

The millennial-led digital age is changing the design of work spaces. Companies are making room for future technologies and embracing new ways of working.

Technological office fit outs for Mulesoft and Huawei

The influx of activity based working and hot desking office environments has seen a huge increase in technologies that allow for flexibility. Nowadays, it really doesn’t matter where you are in the world and who you need face time with because the technology is at your fingertips allowing teams to work from any location (Bahamas anyone?). Offices are relying on wireless screen sharing and charging, tablet meeting room booking systems, interactive screens, file sharing, cloud storage, video conferencing over face to face meetings and other productive advancements.

In the interior design industry, augmented reality is on the cusp of changing the way designs are presented to clients. Using this technology will allow clients to step into the vision for a space. Soon, a virtual tour of an office space will become the norm. Although this isn’t commonplace right now, companies are making space for technology in a big way.

Celebrating Biophilic Design

 Last year we saw the ‘bringing the outside in’ trend explode. From living walls to rooftop gardens to filling your office with integrated pot plants, we saw it all. In 2018 this trend is taking on a whole new level looking to connect humans with nature in a modern, built-up world.

Green designs for Medline, Thornleigh Medical and Huawei

So, what does this mean for the design of your office space? Biophilic design focuses on the love of everything natural. It joins features from nature that complement wellness and productivity in the office. This year will see a rise in walking meeting tracks, renewable energy sources, air purification systems, locally sourced produce and the war on waste. Biophilia also extends to the space planning and finish of your space. Designs will make sure sun streams through the windows onto natural flora, fabrics and finishes.

The flexible working movement compliments biophilic design too. The advancement of digital technologies makes the flexible sharing of ideas seamless. By making travel to and from the office optional your team can be more mindful of their own footprint. A weekly flower delivery service is never going to go down badly either…

Blurring the lines between Work and Home

The typical adage is “don’t bring your work home” but this year we are flipping and reversing this by saying “do bring your home to work”. You design your home for comfort so when you’re there you feel zen, why should your office space be any different?

Lounge seating area for Compass Offices in Melbourne

Creating a comfortable and homey environment at work increases employee satisfaction and productivity. We work best when we are comfortable in our own environment. For some team members this means being around people and working in a variety of spaces throughout a day. For others, it means personalising your assigned space and creating a home-away-from-home environment.

Thanks to this interior design trend, companies are investing in areas more akin to home lounge spaces than traditional cubicles. It is all about creating a work space that doesn’t feel like an office…putting up a photograph, filling your desk with greenery, pinning some inspo pieces to your partitioning and so on. Whatever it may be, home is taking over the office in 2018 and we can’t see anything wrong with that.

Exploring the Diverse and Unconventional

Gone are the days of conventional working spaces with tidy lines of desks and designated breakout spaces. The offices of today utilise all nooks and crannies creating a plethora of diverse working environments. Imagine…hammocks on one side, desks on the other and bean bags in between.

A variety of seating options for agile working from Compass Offices’ space in Melbourne

Including various down-time spots in an office design entices your team to take 5, recharge and get to work in a way that suits their needs. These elements create fun and motivating areas where you change up your work surroundings dependent on the task at hand. The benefit of these varied working environments is businesses can capitalise on the space they have available. Areas that would usually sit empty are now filled with bean bags, sofas, quiet areas, activities or dynamic desk zones with movable furniture. Getting creative with space planning boosts creativity and grows ideas through unintentional collaboration. Put great minds in one area and they are sure to chat, throw around crazy ideas and offer different solutions.

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