As we start to emerge and consider a return to the office, striking a balance between home and work will become ever more prevalent. Our expectations of office spaces are changing; and there is no time like the present to refresh the old to make it feel new. Many of us have had the opportunity to reflect on what was working in life – along with what wasn’t; it would be a shame to return to a workplace that seemed it hadn’t grown on that journey with us.

Refreshing Your Space Can Improve Productivity:

While re-working your space to accommodate different styles of working can provide immense benefits to your employees’ productivity, it can prove costly. There is however another option that won’t break the bank! They say a change is as good as a holiday; and that’s where some creative styling can be the answer. I sat down with Interior Designer, Nicolle Satti, for some tips on how to revitalise your space.

“Art in the workplace has the power to increase creativity, efficiency and even productivity.”

Refresh Blank Walls With New Artwork:

This season we’re using a lot of botanical prints and contemporary indigenous art, selected and paired to match clients’ tastes. If you’re an avid art collector there are numerous galleries such as Koskela; and suppliers like The Design Files; that stock beautiful pieces which will transform any big bland walls. If you’re on more of a budget or don’t quite know what you like, check out some of the beautiful art you can rent through The Art Bank!

Senior Mens Collaborative, Ginger Wikilyiri, Keith Stevens. Piltati, Nyarpari Munu Ilpin, 2018. Via The Art Bank.


Plants Bring Life:

Plants are well regarded as a mainstay in office environments; and incorporating biophilic design principals are the perfect way to enliven a space. A unique and interesting selection of plants such as those from Ivy Muse; not only look good they also increase employee connectivity to the natural environment fostering well-being and productivity. You can get back to nature with the real deal; or even carefree artificial plants – which look quite authentic these days! While live plants will purify the air around you, simply adding greenery will improve your mental state too. Paired with some white ceramic vessels, plant arrangements are a sure way to breathe life to your office.


Refresh Your Boardrooms to Feel Premium:

Time to say goodbye to those durable Ikea water glasses and prepare your meeting spaces to make them client ready. It is as simple as a new water jug with a set of Ridel glasses paired with some timber coasters to add warmth, and a tray for functionality and a well needed pop of colour. Take a look at Curious Grace, Country Road, or Jardan for some stylish options.

Panama Tray by Jardan Furniture.


Freshen Up With Nice Hand Wash:

We’ve been smothering our hands in hand sanitiser for a few months now and it’s no surprise that it can take its toll on your skin. It’s important to keep hand hygiene front and centre and it’s time to give your hands some love. We can’t go past Aesop for quality, its aromatic nature, and design aesthetics!


Bring Smiles With Regular Flower Delivery:

In the same way that plants add to your space, flowers make just make people happy! A simple bunch from Woolworths or Coles will do the trick; but if you’d prefer something craftily considered look toward Urban Eden & Co or Hermetica Floral Design. You can even have them delivered regularly vase and all!

Floral Design by Urban Eden.


How to Refresh the Old to Make it Feel New:

It’s important to consider the office culture or personality in which you work. In our experience, it’s the smallest details or the human touches that have the greatest impact. It’s imperative for human beings to feel important; to feel cared for. While the office is quiet, utilise the time for some spring cleaning and refresh the old to make it feel new.

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InOne Can Help Realise Your Workplace Potential.

When it comes to designing your office, it can be difficult to know where to draw the line between cost and design. At InOne Projects, we endeavour to bring you the best cost-effective solution for your space while incorporating elements of design that are sure to have these benefits. Additionally, it’s important to create a workplace that supports mental health. Whether it’s a little extra effort to install a green wall, ensuring you use the space effectively to harness natural light or some additional styling to make you feel at home, our design and construction team have the knowledge and experience to achieve the office you need. Our expectations of office spaces are changing; and there is no time like the present to refresh the old to make it feel new.


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