The workplace is facing rapid changes, from task automation right through to office interior design, with a major push for change coming from the millennial generation. Millennials represent  strong section of the workforce and as companies compete for strong staff, gone are the days of the corporate office. “The new generation wants a millennial workplace; a sense of culture, community and fun,” says Robert Nati, director of boutique office design company, InOne Projects. “An office needs to drive creativity and collaboration, and we’re seeing that request from almost all of our clients.”

Principles of Wellness

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We spend 40+ hours a week at our desks, so looking out the window should bring some relaxation as well as inspiration. More and more often, companies are pushing for access to fresh air, natural light and green spaces to meet a fundamental need for nature – when we strike a balance between nature and technology, workers tend to be happier, more engaged, and more creative. And while we’ve been talking about the benefits of greenery for a while now, not many are talking about the perks of art: art in the workplace is often underestimated, with studies showing workplaces enriched with art can be up to 32% more productive – and when staff are your biggest expense, that is real return on investment.

All work, no play? Your office might be stuck in the past.

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Google’s got a pac-man themed arcade that could definitely be a part of why it won ‘Best Company to Work For’ 6 years in a row, while Pixar employees can take their friends and family and friends to almost any Disney park worldwide for free: and these Silicon Valley superstars aren’t just throwing in these perks for fun. An office space that encourages downtime can foster positive relationships between employees and have a real return on investment, with studies highlighting increases in productivity and reductions in absenteeism.

Flexibility at the core
(Photo: inOne Projects for Altitude Cowork)

The demand for workplaces to be increasingly flexible in a millennial world is also at the core of modern office design. Mobility is crucial in today’s workforce, as employees move from their desk to an airplane, to a cafe or client site – the workplace should integrate traditional desks with modern collaborative spaces that provide employees with another option. The trend today is towards offices with varying huddle and meeting spaces, from small think-tanks to the traditional boardroom; all to encourage collaboration and creative teamwork. Coworking is also taking off, with trendy shared spaces becoming popular worldwide – the flexibility and freedom they offer the freelancer, the home office worker and soon, the ordinary employee, make us think this is definitely a trend to stay.

The corporate office is a thing of the past: today’s workforce are looking for a space that gives them wellness, flexibility and fun. At inOne Projects, we design spaces that will change how your staff feel when they walk in each day and have them love where they work. If you’re looking to transform your office and incorporate some of these principles in your workplace, get in touch with inOne.




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