The Client.

Altitude Cowork elevates your business’ potential by providing Melbourne with a premier coworking service, with attention to detail unlike any other. Whether it is the beautiful space designed with collaborative and creative energy in mind,

or the carefully planned networking and social events, Altitude provides everything you could get from a regular office plus more.

The D&C.

The bar & lounge of Altitude Cowork were designed to be eye-catching from the outside as well as the inside; conscious of the location, InOne ensured the final product incorporated elements of contemporary and industrial design to reflect the personality of the area. Our designers ensured the space was consistent with the latest trends in interior design while the construction team saw to it that no detail was left unattended to, resulting in a timeless and spectacular space.

Green space inside and outside the building brings the space to life and draws natural energy in for the space’s users. The carefully designed space provides an all-inclusive experience which combines the perks of the traditional workplace with the flexibility of modern coworking.

  • COMPLETION: 8 weeks
  • SIZE: 600m2

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