The Client.

The global technology company and fast-growing Chinese tech giant, Huawei, required a space to showcase their products with an emphasis on their passion for technological innovation. They are an exciting challenge brand within the technology industry who in a matter of a few short years have snapped at the heels of Apple and Samsung, fast

becoming one to look out for and a serious threat to their competitors. Huawei’s holistic approach has ensured they not only have a product to suit almost all consumer and business needs; but that they can successfully appropriate key attributes from one product to enhance another. Huawei are connecting people in a way like no one has done before.

The D&C.

The design delivered by inOne Projects was a fluid and futuristic space imagined specifically for user experience. We created a showroom that represents innovation in a fast-paced, competitive industry. The use of clean, ultramodern shapes and curves in the interior construction pays homage to the futuristic and fast-paced advancement of technology and Huawei alike. Complimented by the minimalist design and largely white colour palette, this maintains the products as the focal points. Maintaining the feel of an abundance of space, whilst showcasing five distinct product departments was a challenge to overcome. Modular panels and space efficient storage solutions means that the client can interchange products, as desired, so that the workspace can evolve alongside the growth of the company. The open floor plan provides a light and

fresh space, whilst the round acoustic ceilings ensure that the expansive area does not feel empty, products and innovation fill the room. A striking aural experience was one of the leading forces behind the design. The Showroom was designed and constructed under a tight budget all whilst the Huawei team continued to use the space. The Huawei showroom is a successful hybrid of futurism and modern functionality, a space that features an undulating fluid design. This intrigues the consumer and portrays emotions of trust, progressiveness and sustainability through dynamic, expressive shapes.


  • COMPLETION: 6 Weeks
  • SIZE: 250m2

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