The Client.

Opus has a dedicated team of engineers, designers, planners, researchers and advisors who provide engineering service in the public and private sectors across Australia and beyond. From its origins in 1870, Opus is now leading the engineering industry,

working on some of the largest and most iconic multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects. Opus is proud to be a trusted partner in the industry and pride themselves on always delivering clever and creative solutions, whatever the challenge.

The D&C.

inOne relocated Opus` office to a new premises and in the process, created a light-filled, sophisticated space imbued with natural materials. The time frame was a crucial consideration, however, inOne rose to the challenge and relocated 75 staff to the new premises in less than 8 weeks. It was a highly technically and intricate construction phase. This

quick time frame did not affect the ability to create a detailed and high-end finish.


  • COMPLETION: 8 Weeks
  • SIZE: 750m2

The office space echoes a contemporary feel through white clean lines, modern furniture, and formed timber structures.

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