The Client.

Pasta Pantry specialises in wholesome fresh food cooked to order. They have a broad range of pasta, salad, sandwich and dessert options. As a family run

business since 1992, Pasta Pantry is keeping abreast with the latest trends and catering to all facets of the food and hospitality industries.

The D&C.

Pasta Pantry appointed inOne to design a space which was above and beyond the standard hospitality fit out. Their aim was to encourage and intrigue onlookers so that they would be inspired to enter the shop. Due to this, inOne put a large emphasis on ensuring that the shop front was an enticing design and an accurate depiction of the pasta pantry brand. With a combination of fresh

timber and a green feature wall strip that spans the entrance of the store, inOne created a space with a wholesome family feel.


  • COMPLETION: 6 Weeks
  • SIZE: 220m2

With the combination of the walnut timber and the surrounding paint feature, this hospitality design sets the bar far ahead of the others.

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